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American Folklife Center – Online!

I imagine there are many people now a days that have never spent any time going through a major library’s card catalog.  Perhaps that’s a good thing.  I wiled away hours and whole days of my life in the UCSB … Continue reading

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A very handy web page for musicians

Today I was web browsing in order to put off finishing my taxes, and happened upon a great site authored by an old friend, Frank Ford.  He is one of the owners / founders of a fine music store in … Continue reading

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Music Industry Proposes a Piracy Surcharge on ISPs

From today’s edition of Wired (a digital news site):
“Having failed to stop piracy by suing internet users, the music industry is for the first time seriously considering a file sharing surcharge that internet service providers would collect from users.
“In recent … Continue reading

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More on “The Power Of Song” and the Seeger family…

During the past two or three weeks, PBS has been showing the film “Pete Seeger: The Power Of Song” on its national network. I hope many of you have had a chance to see that, or if not, that … Continue reading

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