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Arnold Shultz: Black fiddling and bluegrass music

The first time I met Bill Monroe (regarded as the “Father of Bluegrass Music”) in May of 1963, he mentioned some of the people that influenced the development of the musical style that was later to be named after his … Continue reading

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Carolina Ramblers String Band: An unissued test!

In the mid 1930s, Columbia Masterworks issued two multi-disc albums titled The Columbia History Of Music By Ear And Eye.  One side of a disc in series II was supposed to feature selections from Frederick Handel’s Harpsichord Suite No. 8. … Continue reading

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So. California bluegrass history: . . . continued

We’ve had some nice comments re. the previous page on Southern California bluegrass groups, and received further information on other groups active in the region in the 1960s.  (Keep those memories and photos coming!)
John Egenes sends a photo of what … Continue reading

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Southern California Bluegrass Bands: Beginings

Southern California, with its vast film studios, television production facilities, radio, and recording studios, deservedly holds the title of the entertainment capitol of the world. The musical style called “bluegrass” (named after Bill Monroe’s band The Blue Grass Boys, while … Continue reading

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