The Secret Of The Webbing Purple

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Blue Dalmatian CD BD-1001


A musical fantasy including eleven original songs, with narration by Burgess Meredith.

Webbing Purple CD

Contains a full, hour-long story about Madelena and her cat named Mike, and her adventures with her animal friends in the Webbing Purple's forest.


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Take a tour of the Webbing Purple, as narrated by Burgess Meredith . . .

Burgess MeredithFor brief samples of the story and songs, click on the titles on this page.

All selections copyright 1968 by Blue Dalmatian Productions
all rights reserved.

Artwork by
Gretchen Greenberg

Mr. Mole

The Flower

Tamarra's Tomato

"How dare you stick your head into my house?  Who invited you ... where's your invitation??"

"... not very bug eyes, and the teeth definitely need work ... but not bad, for a human anyway."

"Come on then  ... hop on my back ... we've got a cat to rescue!"


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