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HC-501 "The Barnyard Dance"

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HC-501 "The Barnyard Dance" CD

HC-501-CD "The Barnyard Dance"
Peter Feldmann

with guest appearances by
Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan
and Alicia Bottoms

14 folk tunes and song for children, with guitars, jew's harp, banjo, fiddle, and mouthharp, digitally remastered from the original Lp, issued in 1980.

"A talented, totally entertaining, and rambunctious romp through the annals of American folk music with an eye for songs appealing and understandable to children - yes truly, of all ages! Deft musicianship with never a hint of condescention...something special indeed!"
- Santa Barbara News-Press

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1. Take Me For A Ride In Your Car
2. Chiney Doll
3. Crow Black Chicken
4. Jennie Jenkins

5. Fubba Wubba John
6. I Love My Rooster
7. The Barnyard Dance

8. John Henry
9. Ground Hog
10. Ain't We Crazy
11. Yavapai Pete
12. Arkansaw Traveler
13. Harry Herman
14. The Old Chisholm Trail

The songs and tunes on this album are a cross-section of American traditional music - from Anglo-American ballads, play-party songs, banjo/fiddle tunes, nonsense songs, cowboy ballads, and black dance tunes that Peter performs for children from toddler age on up They reflect the creativity and diversity of American rural life from the Appalachian mountains to the sea coasts of Maine and to the plains and deserts of the Southwestern US.

The appeal of this music, and the rapidly-disappearing ways of life it represents, is very strong to children. They instinctively recognize the value of such songs and learn them quickly. Folk music creates in them an appreciation of the culture and history of the United States which ran be found nowhere else. Peter has been continuously amazed at the tremendous life and vigor in these songs, which are performed on this album in authentic styles on traditional instruments such as fiddle, fretless and fretted five-strinq banjos, dulcimer, mouth-harp (harmonica), guitar and jew's-harp (jaw-harp) in various combinations.

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