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Mother's Boys
Home Among
The Hills


"Mother's Boys" includes Rick Cunha, whose warm vocal stylings reflect his Hawiian roots, David Dawson, autoharpist and singer from New Mexico and a fellow band member in Rick's 1960s group, Hearts and Flowers, bassist David Jackson, who also plays piano and accordian, and Peter Feldmann, multi-instrumentalist and singer. Jackson, Dawson, and Cunha were members of the seminal folk rock group Hearts & Flowers in the 1960s. They have performed with Emmy Lou Harris, Hoyt Axton, Mason Williams, Dolly Parton, Waylon Jennings, and Rose Maddox among many others.

The CD project contains a selection of songs recorded by Sara, Maybelle, and AP Carter, some well-known, some quite rare, between 1927 and 1941. They are considered a major bedrock of American country music. The Carters are the subject of a new documentary film, The Winding Stream, released just recently. Peter and Rick selected the included material based on its musicality and variety. Mother's Boys had help from friends on certain tracks during the 6-year recording process, including Aubrey Richmond, Maria Smiley, Fred Sokolow, Susie Glaze, and Laurie Lewis.

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HC-510Title Listing

1 -You've Been A Friend To Me
2 - Clinch Mountain Home

3 - Carter's Blues
4 - My Home Among The Hills
5 - Little Moses

6 - Single Girl, Married Girl

7 - I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
8 - Foggy Mountain Top

9 - Jimmy Brown The Newsboy
10 - Stern Old Bachelor
11 - Coal Miner's Blues

12 - My Dixie Darling

13 - Oh, Take me back
14 - Sweet Heaven In My View
15 - Keep On The Sunny Side

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Digital album available & sample all tracks, CLICK HERE


California is not the place that immediately comes to mind when you think about Old-Time and Bluegrass Music, but it played an important part in the revival of musical traditions that are arguably more popular than they've ever been before. Many of the denim-clad flower children who fell in love with the music of the Southern Appalachians found a welcome haven in the "Sweet Sunny South" of America's West Coast. When you added first-hand contact with such tradition bearers as Vern and Ray, Earl Collins, and Kenny Hall, this newer generation forged their own sound-still the "real thing", but with a special twist. It is from this newer tradition that this album springs. Spearheaded by legendary studio guitarist Rick Cuhna, the listener is invited to a reunion of old friends as they turn their talented hands to the works of the "first family" of Country Music, the Carter Family

A tribute album by its very nature invites comparison with the original, and diehard purists will not hear a slavish reproduction of the Carter Family-most importantly because, unlike the original Carter Family (which consisted of two females and a male), Mother's Boys ARE all boys, and their vocals reflect this (with the exception of a wonderful yodel on one cut by guest fiddler Laurie Lewis). That said, the group's harmonies neatly straddle the line between Bluegrass and Old-Timey harmonies, sounding full and practiced without slickness. As each member takes their turn at their favorite selection from the Carter Family songbag, it's the instrumental work that really shines. I'd heard of Rick Cunha's guitar mastery for years, yet I wasn't prepared for the solid simplicity and solidity of his playing. Peter Feldmann's squeaky-clean mandolin sparkles, while Dave Dawson's autoharp and David Jackson's accordion provide some truly magical moments. Guest musicians Moira Smiley, Aubrey Richmond, and Fred Sokolow are all used to good advantage in this production. If, by some miracle, the original Carter Family could be brought back to life, this is the crew that should back them, and this record deserves a listen by all their fans.

-Emily Keene
Seattle, WA
August 8, 2017


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