STI-105-CDB The Guitar Style of Maybelle Carter

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About STI-105-CDB

In 1975, Peter Feldmann released what is still considered the seminal instruction package for Maybelle Carter's style of guitar playing. Originally issued as an Lp with instruction booklet, this long out of print material is now being made available on a CD in what is called "CD Extra" format - (a complete instruction booklet is included
on the CD).

NOTE: To view or print the booklet, which contains instructions plus tablature ("TABS") of all the original tracks of tunes, songs and exercises, you will need access to a computer whch can read standard CD-ROM discs.


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This CD is designed to teach Maybelle Carter's wonderful thumb-lead guitar style by ear. It contains 17 tracks with 18 exercises, including 12 complete songs, plus an ad-
ditional sample song illustrating the style. Besides the music tracks, a booklet containing tablature ("TABs") to all the exercises is included on the CD for you to print out and study.
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CD with embedded instruction booklet

Users' comments:

Just had to drop you a line and tell you I think "How To Play Carter Style Guitar" is fantastic! It's exactly what I've been looking for. I started playing guitar 3 years ago and have been looking for some instruction on Carter style but never anything that worked
(for me, anyway).
I'm now ordering a second copy for my guitar teacher who
loves it!    Thanks again."
Mike Hiatt

I just received the Carter picking book in the mail today. It is absolutely fantastic. I knew most of the basics before but I could never put them together and arrange them into a song they way I hear other people do. I have been taking lessons for two years and I could never get my teacher to show me about the things that are in this book. I have already mastered worried man blues after a half hour. Hopefully, I will be able to sing while playing this style after awhile. I feel like I have have jumped to a new level of playing in just one day. Not bad considering I paid $30 an hour for lessons and wasn't getting anywhere after I learned the chords, scales and other basics. So much for music theory, if you are unable to apply it. I am so glad that I stumbled onto Carter picking and your web site.
Thanks a million!"
Steve Hardy
"My goal is to be able to play from memory which will take some time and your contribution has made that possible. My sincere appreciation goes to you for helping me play Carter Music, especially You Are My Flower, which is my favorite song. You have made me very happy,
- Ken  (Kenneth Neukom).

Contents: 18 tracks of exercises and sample songs, broken down into short phrases with pauses. This time-proven teaching technique allows you to play along with the sample in "answer mode", one phrase at a time, and quickly build up your playing skill.

The "Carter Brush" explained
Notes with the Left hand: "Hammering-On" and    "Pulling-Off"
Cross Picking
Worried Man Blues
John Hardy
Engine 143
Can The Circle Be Unbroken
Gospel Ship
East Virginia Blues
Wildwood Flower
You Are My Flower
Kitty Waltz
Lula Walls
Oh, Take Me back
Alabama Gals
Del Rio

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