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Mother's Boys - Rick Cunha, Peter Feldmann, David Jackson
The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake, Altadena, CA
Sunday, June 17, 2018, 7:00 PM

Reservations, Call:  (626) 798-6236

Mother's Boys
Peter Feldmann, David Jackson, Rick Cunha
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Mother's Boys are a rarely-seen but multi-talented group, featuring close vocal harmonies and hot picking on guitar, autoharp, mandolin, accordion, and bass. All of Mother's Boys trace their musical development from Southern California. Rick Cunha and David Jackson hail from the seminal folk rock group Hearts and Flowers, which was influential in the development of the California country rock sound. Peter Feldmann's interest in cowboy songs and string band music led him to form The Scragg Family, which performed throughout California, Nevada, and the Southwest during the 1960s-70s.

Together, the group will be celebrating their collaboration in a CD project dedicated to the music of the original Carter Family: AP, Sara, and Maybelle Carter. "Home Among The Hills" features 15 songs drawn from the almost 300 titles recorded by the Carters between 1927-41.

Rick Cunha's musical roots go back to the Hawaiian Islands, his slide guitar playing and mellifluous vocals provide warm traces of his island heritage.

David Jackson is much in demand as a studio musician for his smooth bass, piano, accordion work, and golden baritone.

Peter Feldmann performs with his bluegrass band, The Very Lonesome Boys, speaks on folk and bluegrass subjects, and presents concerts as time permits. He is the founder of the Santa Barbara Old Time Fiddler's Convention and the Bluebird Cafe, a major influence in California's folk music scene.


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