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Wayne Shrubsall, Peter Feldmann


To post your own stories, comments, etc. scroll down the right-hand column.  Under the [Meta] heading, click on [Register], and enter your name and e-mail address.  The website will send you a password.  Once you receive the password, go to [Login] and you’ll be able to enjoy all the features of this message exchange system, including the sharing of photos, file, and other information.

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  1. Pete – Pete?
    Is there any Sacred Harp singing going on in the Santa Barbara area these days? I have met someone from there who is interested in checking it out.

    Melissa Stephenson

    • Melissa,

      I know there has been interest in Sacred Harp in the SB area in the past, but I really don’t know the current situation, or even who to ask. Perhaps Prof. Tim Cooley at UCSB Ethnomusicology might know, or someone at the Unitarian Church on Santa Barbara Street. I believe there was a group doing that in San Diego, but again, I’m not current on that.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful — it’s a wonderful experience.

  2. Hi Peter, I’ve been looking for a fiddle player to do casual gigs in SB. I’ve noticed there is a lack of any musician connection site in the SB area. Maybe an “Musicians Available to Play” section would be a good addition?

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