Southern California Bluegrass Bands: Beginings

Golden State Boys – Vern, Bobby Sloan, Skip, Don Parmley, Hal Poindexter- Rex Gosdin

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  1. Hal Poindexter was one of the best Bluegrass Singers in the Bluegrass music field.

  2. Rich Norton says:

    ¬°Greetings from Anchorage, AK! Q#1 – Where the Golden State Boys regulars on “Worthington Dodge – Country Time Music from Hollywood?” Q#2 – Any details about the show (ie: what TV station did it aired on channel #/call letters; which Studio, Theater or Bar in Hollywood/LA was it filmed at, etc…) would be greatly appreciated! I know Del McCoury became a member of the Golden State Boys in 1964. Q#3 – When did Del leave the band? I’m assuming Del played the guitar, banjo &/or sang vocals. Q#4 – What instrument did Del play & did he sing lead or back-up vocals with the GSBs? Thanks in advance for any info y’all can provide.

    • Hi Rich,

      Sorry to take so long to get back to you. Perhaps some other readers here can be of further help. I know that Cal Worthington used LA Channel 13, KCOP, and may also have had shows on other local stations; Channel 11, KTTV, Channel 9 KHJ, and possible channel 5, KTLA.

      Best of luck to you, and keep the music coming!

  3. Roger Mason says:

    The Golden State Boys appeared on two Cal Worthington programs, both on KCOP, Channel 13; Saturday Night Program from the studios of KCOP and the Sunday morning through the afternoon program from the Cal’s automobile dealership, both live. It was never videotaped, just broadcast live so there is no recordings of any of the shows either on tape or even 16 mm kinescopes. I know, as I had unfeathered access to the stations’s vault when it was still 100% owned by Chris-Craft. There are audio air checks of the show and an bootleg CD so who knows the origins of those recordings or the quality. They recorded one album that was never released. The Blue Diamond Boys aka The Hillmen, a spin off of the Golden State Boys, appeared on both programs.

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