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HC-502 "Good Fellow"

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   HC-502 "Good Fellow" CD


HC-502 "Good Fellow" with Peter Feldmann
Friends, featuring Creme Brule 

"Old familiar tunes", true stories put to song, ballads, breakdowns, and blues sung and played by Peter with Wayne Shrubsall, "Fiddlin' Jim" Wimmer, Gilles Apap, Robin Frost, Stan Tysell, Jim Hutchison, Phil Pritchard, David West, Chris Judge, and "Ms. Francine".

Purchase CD on-line: Inside USA only: $20.00

Music Samples

Sandy River Belle

Everybody Does It In Hawaii

Includes: Make Me A Cowboy Again For A Day / The Wreck of the Old Thirty-One / Broken Down Gambler / I Love Chicken Pie / The Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn / Lost Indian / Oh, Take Me Back / Four Cent Cotton / Goin' Back To Dixie / Sandy River Belle / Croquet Habit / Everybody Does It In Hawaii / Good Fellow / Willy The Weeper / Three Miles South Of Cash / Travelin' Blues / Tennessee Blues
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