Creme Brule
   Elegance in neo-classic country music

Creme Brule, performing in Santa Barbara at the Lobero Theater.
Creme Brule, Lobero Theater, Santa Barbara, California, 1997
L-R: Peter Feldmann, Pat Cloud, Ms. Francine, Stan Tysell, Tom Lee (hidden), Robin Frost, Jim Hutchison.

Long before the early 1950's, when rock 'n roll essentially killed off older country music as played without drums and electric guitar, there was considerable experimentation going on involving the combination of country singers with urban jazz, pop,  and classical music influences.  Jimmie Rodgers, for example, recorded with Louis Armstrong, miscellanoues Hawiian groups, musical saw, and jazz bands, as well as recording his solo songs with guitar.  I've recently begun extending these ideas with my musical friends.

Everybody Does It In Hawaii

Creme Brule, neo-classic country music.
Stan Tysell (seated), Peter, Gilles Apap, Jim Hutchison, Robin Frost

Among the members of Creme Brule: Stan Tysell is a consumate guitarist with a love for hillbilly jazz and western swing, along with a fine voice and a real talent for ragtime and jazz piano to boot.  Jim Hutchison was the only Scots tuba player I know, and was secretary of the local American Federation of Musicians.   Robin Frost is a fine composer, pianist and brass player, and has a great repertiore of pop music from America's golden age of jazz; the 1920's-30's.  Tom Lee, a versatile jazz and bluegrass bass player, holds forth on numbers not calling for tuba. Pat Cloud is to my mind, the true first experimental banjo player, equally at home with bluegrass, jazz, contemporary, and old time music. Gilles is a superb violinist, a protoge of Yehudin Menhuin's, a fine teacher and gypsy fiddler, and can give a good accounting oh himself on those old time tunes in the manner of Clayton MacMitchen or Lowe Stokes. "Ms. Francine", a wonderful pop vocalist, contributes her fine voice and a sense of style to the proceedings.

NOTE: Selections from this group's playing may be heard on Peter's CD, Good Fellow.


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