The Scragg Family

The Scragg Family, one of California's premier old time and bluegrass bands, performed throughout California, Nevada, and the Pacific Northwest for more than ten years beginning in 1963.

Originally founded by Peter Feldmann to play at Mountain Drive's notorious Pot Wars (progenitors of the now-abundant Renaissence Faires), the Scragg Family soon became a major attraction at clubs, folk festivals and concert halls throughout the West. Their repeated performances at Hollywood's Ash Grove and Virginia City's Red Dog Saloon (they were the house band for the entire summer and fall of 1967) are legendary, entailing what Feldmann calls an "out of multi-body experience". Far-flung relations, such as "Electron Scragg" and "Josiah Leviticus Scragg" would enhance performances with vacuum tubes and bass solos, while "Wild Bill Scragg" would sell his Pagan Brothers Wine Vinegar from the stage between sets.


Peter Feldmann, Gene McGeorge, Kajsa Ohman,

Scraggs play the Red Dog Saloon's 50th Anniversary Party
June 19 and 20, 2015.

Kajsa "Ruby" Ohman is a superb singer as well as one of the most inventive guitarists to come out of California in the 1960's. Now living in Montana and Washington State, she has released several albums of her own compositions.

Gene "Seth" McGeorge Besides being a fine ship's captain, Gene is the world's only Gilbert
& Sullivan folk fiddler.

Peter "Hanley" Feldmann is well known to California audiences for his series of shows at the Santa Barbara's Lobero Theater and for founding the Santa Barbara Old Time Fiddler's Convention.

In Memoriam
Gene McGeorge, with
Kajsa & Peter

Live at the Bluebird Cafe 1973

Scragg CD
CD-ST-1001 Nobody Knows You


Clipping from the Territorial Enterprise, Virginia City, Nevada on July 28, 1967.
Scraggs at Red Dog

The Scragg Family are being honored with an exhibit featuring Peter's Banjo and our Lp record release "Nobody Knows You" from 1972 [Now available as a CD album here]. in the Santa Barbara History Museum's exhibit titled "Mountain Drive: A Bohemian Community". The banjo can be heard in the linked audio clip made duing a live performance at UCSB's Music Bowl.:
"Down The Old Plank Road", is a song from Uncle Dave Macon.
The exhibit is free to the public and will remain open until February 28th, 2023.


Scragg Cabin
Scragg Family bus and cabin, Philipsburg, Montana, 1968

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