Peter Feldman and the Pea Patch Quintet: Grey Cat on the Tennessee Farm
Hen Cackle Records, HC-504

Song List: Old Plank Road, Jordan Is A Hard Road to Travel, Take Me Home Poor Julia, Rabbit in the Pea Patch, Roll Down the Line, Johnny Gray, Rye Straw, King David, Rise When The Rooster Crows, Deer Chase, Forked Deer, Sail Away Ladies.

Peter Feldman developed a love for old time and bluegrass music after his emigration to California after World War II. He has been a radio show producer, performer in several bands and a manager of Sonyatone Records. He is also a fan of Uncle Dave Macon, the Grand Ole Opry star who played antebellum Civil War era songs with banjo accompaniment. For this recording, Peter gathered a most impressive “pea patch” band: Dan Crary on guitar, Byron Berline on fiddle, Dennis Caplinger on banjo, Bill Bryson on bass and banjo, and Wayne Shrubsall on banjo. Peter played mandolin on the recording with his custom made Everett Kettler mandolin. Each of these “sidemen” is well known as a master of his instrument, and the album is filled with fiddle, guitar and banjo licks that are innovative but totally cohesive with the song.

Peter provides some folksy commentary about some of the songs mimicking the introductions that Uncle Dave Macon might have used. Peter’s warm baritone has a down-home feeling and other members of the group join him on the chorus harmonies. The group was recorded live in a large recording studio and the resulting recording has a spontaneous energy that reaches out and makes your feet want to dance. (In fact my teenage son heard the record and immediately started dancing!) The interplay of Bryon’s fiddle with the two banjos just starts a pulse that can’t be ignored. “Take Me Home Poor Julia” has Bryon’s fiddle intertwining with the melody and the vocals soar through a call and response routine with a very rumbling bass vocal adding to the charm. “Rabbit in the Pea Patch” has a delightful dance rhythm with the banjos matching the speed of Bryon’s fast fiddle bowing. This album is a great romp through the music of Uncle Dave Macon, and is one of the happiest, toe-tappingest albums this reviewer has ever heard.

Reviewer: Brenda Hough, Bluegrass Breakdown, California Bluegrass Association

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