Welcome to our "Ideas" section. This is where we throw anything that doesn't fit in other sections of our website. If we find a spare kitchen sink, this is the place for it.

We are especially interested in early forms of commercial American country music -- the transition from what most people would call "folk music" from the back porch to the vaudeville stage, radio, and phonograph records.  We believe that the growth of technology has played a big part in influencing this movement.   Microphones, for example, enabled singers to develop a so-called "crooning" style and still be heard when singing with bands.

This is a work in progress. We thank you for visiting. Please be sure to also pay a visit to our blog, PETE'S PLACE, which is filled with many articles on the music, the musicians, interviews, etc., with plenty of music samples for your listening pleasure. We'll be adding thoughts to this page as time allows, but would also like to request input from any readers here with the thought of sharing some of these ideas, just for the fun of it.

musical influences Bill Monroe
  The Original Carter Family
  The Bluebird Cafe
  The Scragg Family
  Radio Interview: "Some thoughts on bluegrass history"
  Ralph Peer Remembers Jimmie Rodgers
  The Folk Music Revival (Tom Ashley discusses Lassie makin' 1963)
  Interview with Byron Berline
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articles Tony Thomas: "Why Black Folks Don't Fiddle"
  Peter Feldmann:"The Ash Grove
Where Old-Time hits the Big Time in Hollywood USA!"
  Kenneth Rexroth: "Subversive Aspects of Popular Songs"
  Peter Feldmann: Vernon Dalhart and the Santa Barbara Earthquake of 1925
  Chip Winston: Pete's Bluegrass Bash
  MaryE Yoemans: "Benny Martin"
  Tran Van Khê: Musical Imperialism
  Peter Feldmann: "The Big Bang of Bluegrass"
  Eddie Dean: "Sunset Park Remembered"
  Matt Kettmann: "Our Proud Pickin' Past"
  Peter Feldmann: "Green Eggs And NAMM"
  Peter Feldmann: The 1963 Monterey Folk Festival
  Peter Feldmann: Fiddle Contest in of Kernville 1965
  Everett Kettler: Mandolins
music samples I'm Goin' Back To Dixie
Union Oil Song
  Gap Tooth Mountain Ramblers (3 songs)
  Other BGW pages with music (mp3 files)
links Selected websites, musical & otherwise
song lyrics Websites with song lyrics
  Original Carter Family, Complete song texts



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