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Eck Robertson’s “Sallie Gooden” and drone notes

This is from a recent discussion on Fiddle List [click here] about various ways to obtain drone notes on the fiddle…
>The old-time sound of Sally Gooden is important to me, just the way it
>is to Glenn — not the sound … Continue reading

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New Turntables for digitizing Lps

Annie Eisenberg in today’s New York Times writes about a couple of new turntables recently released to help transfer music from Lps to the digital formats, such as .wav and .mp3 files.
One, the Ion USB or, more formally, the iTTUSB … Continue reading

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“Classical” to Bluegrass fiddler…

>I am working with a young lady who is a classically trained violinist.
>She is a very good player, and is also very good at improvisation. She
>would like to be able to play bluegrass and country. When she tries, … Continue reading

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Tucker’s Grove Jam this past Sunday

“Not a fit night out for man nor beast” … is probably what Southern Californian WC Fields would probably have said for our past few days of weather. It has been cold! Nevertheless, we had a nice turnout for … Continue reading

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Washington Post discovers recording musicians

One of the nation’s leading newspapers has broken the news today that certain musicians have actually built their own recording studios in their basements (as a southern Californian, I have not much experience with basements, but was told by … Continue reading

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