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The Lilly Brothers and Don Stover: Little Annie

What got me excited was Don’s “tag” or ending of his banjo break. It’s four beats of pure delight, sort of going off sideways like a plot twist in an Alfred Hitchcock film! Continue reading

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Wade Mainer, Laxatives, and the Grandfather of Bluegrass?

Wade told me once, that Bill Monroe asked him to play banjo for the Blue Grass Boys . . . this was before Stringbean. Wade turned him down. He explained to me that he didn’t want to become a sideman. Continue reading

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So. California bluegrass history: . . . continued

We’ve had some nice comments re. the previous page on Southern California bluegrass groups, and received further information on other groups active in the region in the 1960s.  (Keep those memories and photos coming!)
John Egenes sends a photo of what … Continue reading

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A little more on microphones

“Recently, I was lucky enough to be loaned a pair of Sony C-37A mics from the early 1960s. They are tube condenser microphones, with special, custom-built power supplies, and their sound is truly magnificent. I’m having a wonderful time, trying out songs, tunes, and instruments in front of them.” Continue reading

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Microphones and The Bluegrass Music

but what about microphones? When Bill traveled with his tent shows, you mention electric lights. What did he use to amplify his instruments? It is my impression that bluegrass was built around a microphone, and has been subsequently altered by the expansion of a single mic into a long, often forbidding, row of mics, monitors, etc. Continue reading

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