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Kernville CA: Whiskey Flat Days Fiddle Contest!

“A friend in Los Angeles told me about a fiddle contest being staged near the end of February in the mountain region known as Kernville, up highway 178 from Bakersfield CA. Always seeking the music, I decided to drive up there to record the event on tape if I could get permission.” Continue reading

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The Fiddling Seventies – Southern California

There was not as much concern about drawing a tine between bluegrass and country and old timey fiddling. In addition to traditional tunes Bobby Fenton would play Bob Wills and country songs. Speedy Smith and Harold Hensley would play really fast bluegrass barnburner style. Bob Rogers would play Kenny Baker tunes. Roscoe White would play everything from swing to Howdy Forrester tunes. IT FELT LIKE FREEDOM. IT WAS NEVER BORING. There were soooo many good fiddlers in one place and at that time I thought that was normal, but now I know it was very rare. Continue reading

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Old Time Fiddlers’ Convention: A group effort

The Santa Barbara Old Time Fiddlers’ Convention quickly became a major event in the Southern California traditional music calendar.  By its third year, 1974, we had close to 4,500 paid attendees.  That we did so was due, in the main, … Continue reading

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Fiddlers’ Convention: Building a tradition

Old Time Fiddlers’ Convention: Building a tradition Lots of help from my friends, a giant convention, including . . . a streaker! Continue reading

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